Transfer Station

The old days of the ‘dump’ are long gone. It is important that all waste be disposed of properly. Please read this handout. It contains important information about the proper disposal of your waste.

The Sandown Board of Selectmen has hired attendants to oversee the proper operation of the transfer station. Senior transfer station operators must learn the regulations and be certified by the State of New Hampshire.

Please listen to the attendants’ instructions. If you have a question, please ask. There are many changes that are forced upon us in the disposal of waste and not only is it right for our environment, it is the law!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Arthur Genualdo DPW Director (603) 887-3484
Walter Shackley Assistant Custodian
Pasquale Messina Assistant Custodian
Richard Gerry Assistant Custodian
Brian Lindsay Assistant Custodian
Pamela Gallant Assistant Custodian
James Chryst Assistant Custodian