New Resident Information

In order for us to establish residency for you or register a vehicle there are a few things we need.

You need to prove your residency:

  • If you own a home, we need to see closing papers or a utility bill directly associated with the house such as phone bill or electric bill in your name.
  • If you rent, we need a copy of the rental agreement or a utility bill in your name showing the Sandown address.
  • If you are living with someone, we need a letter from the homeowner stating that you reside there and can register vehicles at that address.

To register a motor vehicle in the State of New Hampshire there are a few things you need to know:

If you are moving to Sandown from another New Hampshire town you are not required to re-register your vehicle. A change of address form must be sent to the State.  You can complete the form at your local Town Clerk's Office or you can pick up a form at any DMV. If you are moving here and it is your renewal month we need to have your old registration not the mail out from your old town and proof of residency.

If you are moving to Sandown from another state one of two things could apply to you:

If you own the vehicle outright and it is year 2000 or newer than we need the title. Whoever's name is on the title needs to be the one to come to the Town Clerk's office. If there are two names on the title both people need to be here.

If you have a lien holder on the vehicle or your vehicle is a lease, additional paperwork is required when we apply for the title. You need to bring your current out-of-state registration, the name and address of the lien holder and/or leasing company and proof of residency. Again, whoever's name is on the vehicle needs to come to the Town Clerk's Office to sign the title application. The title bureau will then send a request to your lien holder for the title. New Hampshire RSA 261:57-a allows the vehicle to be registered for one time only until the lienholder sends the out-of-state title to the DMV. Once that is done, the DMV will return the title to your lending institution. Please note that the registration on the vehicle will not be renewed until the title is sent to the DMV.

Your New Hampshire Driver’s license needs to be done at one of the DMV substation locations. They will need to see your birth certificate and if your name is different from what is on your birth certificate, they need documentation for that. I.e. Marriage Certificate. They will also require proof of residency.