Explorer Program

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     The Sandown Police Explorer Post is an official program within the Sandown Police Department. The purpose of the Explorer Post is as follows:

  • To expose and educate young men and women to the varied procedures of Law Enforcement through classroom and hands-on training.
  • To advance throughout the community the knowledge of the Law Enforcement field.
  • To allow youths 14-21 to explore the Law Enforcement field as a possible career choice.


     While the program has been operational in the U.S. for over a half century, Exploring is now run by Learning for Life (LFL), a branch of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). They also sponsor Exploring in other careers, such as fire, medicine, aviation, and science. Police agencies that want to run a similar program independently generally refer to their organizations as "Police Cadets".

Mission Statement:

     The Mission Statement of the Sandown Police Explorers is to use teamwork in order to achieve knowledge and experience in law enforcement, and strive to better ourselves and the community we live in by making it a safe environment.


     All Explorers must maintain the highest level of integrity while they are participating in the Explorer Program. This level of integrity must be maintained during Explorer activities and in their personal lives.  Those explorers violating the guidelines set forth by the program will be handled accordingly.

Goals and Objectives:

     The following goals and objectives are sought and maintained by the Sandown Police Explorer Program.

  1. To serve as a recruitment tool for future men and women in law enforcement.
  2. To serve a community relations effort in the County between police, youth, and the community.
  3. To be utilized as volunteers within the Sandown Police Department.
  4. To develop and uphold the basic objectives of the Explorer Program as sponsored through the Boy Scouts of America through the contribution of the police to the Explorer in three areas:
  • Character Building
  • Leadership Development
  • An appreciation for community services and good citizenship 

Career Development:

     Many explorers in the Sandown Police Department have gone on to a part-time or full-time position with our Department or other police agencies. Goals are set for each explorer so that they are not overwhelmed with the demands of learning.

The Explorer Program:

      Explorer Post members are expected to attend all regular scheduled meetings which are primarily held the first and third Tuesday of each month @ 6:30pm. Members receive basic instruction and testing in various phases of law enforcement including criminal law, traffic law, criminal investigation, crime prevention, traffic control and direction, accident investigation, basic handgun safety, court room procedures and other related topics which are integral parts of law enforcement.

      Explorers are governed by a Manual of Rules and Regulations by the Sandown Police Department's "Rules and Regulations". Uniforms are required by all members with part of the uniform supplied by the Post and some purchased by the individual member. Promotion to the various ranks within the Explorer Program depends upon a member's service record with the Post, leadership potential, and completion of any designated testing procedures.

Ride-Along Program:

     The members of the Sandown Police Explorer Program must earn the privilege to participate in the "Ride-A-Long Program". The Ride-Along Program allows interested, qualified Explorers the chance to observe street level police work on a firsthand basis. The program exposes Explorers a working knowledge of the field of law enforcement as they observe police officers respond to calls for service and conduct criminal investigations to a successful conclusion. Explorers wishing to take part in the Ride-Along Program must have successfully pass all written tests and have parental permission.

Command Structure:

     The program is supported by advisors who are sworn Police Officers or former Explorers with the Sandown Police Department.

Sandown Post 2268 Awards:

  • Leadership Award – Advisor Sgt Scott Wood – 2009
  • Exceptional Leadership - Advisor Sgt Scott Wood – 2010
  • Rookie Advisor of the Year - Officer William Pica – 2010
  • Silver E Award – Explorer Lt Molly Peake – 2010
  • Explorer Post of the Year – 2011
  • Golden E Award – Advisor Sgt Scott Wood - 2011
  • Exceptional Leadership - Advisor Sgt Scott Wood – 2011
  • Rookie Explorer of the Year - Explorer Cody Sears - 2015
  • Rookie Explorers of the Year - Explorers Nicholas Piche and Scott Bergeron - 2017

Post Advisors:

  • Sergeant Richard Buco – Post Advisor   
  • Officer Cole Dresser – Assistant Advisor
  • Officer Alex Collins – Assistant Advisor
  • Officer Rachel Payette – Assistant Advisor

     The Police Explorers place responsibility on its members, relying on the youth to assist in planning, organizing and running the events. We place a very large emphasis on youth leadership and responsibility. The youth leadership program works hand in hand with the Post Advisors.

Positions available within the post:

  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Explorer

Current Roster:

  • Lieutenant Dakota "Cody" Sears
  • Sergeant Seth Wolf
  • Corporal Loran Sheley
  • Explorer Nicholas Piche
  • Explorer Jake Buck
  • Explorer Scott Bergeron
  • Explorer Harrison Gallant

Explorer Events:

     The Sandown Police Explorers attend most Explorer Events which include, Police Explorer Cadet Academy, University Of Explorers, Explorer Weekend Challenge and Police Explorer Awards Dinner. They also attend any other events that the Explorer Program may have.

Meetings and Training:

     Meetings are held every other Tuesday, 6:30 pm at the Sandown Police Department. The meetings are usually one to two hours in length, which includes a lecture on the meeting topic, practical training relating to the topic, and Explorer issues that need to be addressed. Training topics include first aid; police radio procedures, defensive tactics, and basic gun safety, as well as many different aspects of the law enforcement field. 

     Throughout the year, Explorers will have the opportunity to participate in competitions with other Explorer Posts. In addition, Sandown Police Explorers provide a service to the community by helping out at major events throughout the year.

  • Old Home Day
  • Tractor Pull
  • Halloween Fest
  • All other Town events that need our assistance

     The Chief of the Sandown Police Department shall have final authority on all matters pertaining to the operating procedures of the Sandown Police Explorer Program.

Law Enforcement Explorer LogoTo be a member of Post 2268 a student must:

  • Complete an application and have an interview with the Post Advisor
  • Have the consent of Parent or Guardian
  • Between the ages of 14 (entering 9th grade) and 21
  • Enrolled in school and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • No felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions involving moral issues, perjury, or making false statements
  • No history of drug abuse and living a free lifestyle of illegal drug use
  • Free of alcohol and tobacco
  • Submit two letters of recommendation (not a relative)

      If you are interested in the Sandown Police Explorer Program, contact Sergeant Richard Buco by email or Officer Cole Dresser by email, or you can call (603) 887-3887. Click here for an application.

Click here for Learning For Life, this is the Official Site for the National Exploring Program.

The Sandown Police Explorers are now on Facebook. Check out their page here.