Drug Take Back Program

Prescription and Controlled Drug Drop Box

     Sandown Police is looking for drugs. Yes you read it correctly! Whether you are a resident or non-resident, we really need you to take part in our new Prescription and Controlled Drug take back program. Why is this so important? Studies since 2009 have shown that not only are we doing considerable damage to our water supplies by flushing old medications down toilets or dumping them down drains. Also, over time these drugs are slowly being released into the environment from the landfills where the trash is buried. This is a trend that we need to end immediately to ensure that adults and children alike are not put in danger by drinking water from private and public water supplies that are becoming tainted with extremely dangerous medications.

     Still not convinced to take part in our program? If you need more convincing keep this in mind. There are home burglaries taking place across our state where the culprits are taking your prescription drugs along with your televisions, computers, and jewelry. If you are lucky enough not to have this happen, do you want to take the chance of a loved one, or children in the home gaining possession of stored drugs that are no longer needed, only to see them seriously harmed by them or possibly even killed by an accidental overdose? The abuses and overdoses caused by prescription drugs has become a national epdemic and we all need to do our part in preventing this problem from getting worse than it already is.

     For these reasons we badly need you to take part in our program that allows you to anonymously drop prescription and controlled drugs in a drop box that is now located in the lobby of the Police Department. This is an anonymous program and no questions will be asked relative to the surrender of these types of drugs. Your items can be left during business hours. At no time will you be required to leave a name or phone number or provide any personal information.

     Packaging and preparation of the items is easy. If you want to turn in any capsules, pills, or tablets you may leave them in the in the original prescription container, you can use a marker to hide any identifying information on the label, or simply empty the items from their original containers into a Ziploc bag. If there are further questions relative to the preparation and packaging of drug items feel free to call us at the 887-3887 and we will assist in giving you information on how to safely dispose of all of your prescription and controlled drugs.

*** Keep in mind items such as Syringes, Patches, Inhalers, Creams, Ointmnets and Liquids CANNOT be deposited into our drop box ***